Time Travel Is Real? For Brian, the “Time Traveling Hippie Surfer”, Time Travel is pure fact! This fantastic odyssey is narrated by the Hippie Surfer Dude riding the Cosmic Waves of Time.

The Adventures of the Time Traveling Hippie Surfer books are an entertaining mixture of imagination, real locations and experiences of Brian the Hippie Surfer who happens to Travel in Time. You will see events from his point of view. Some will have you laughing out loud; still others are a hard slap in the face by reality.

Being exposed to Nuclear Tests, Global Warming and Oceans full of floating plastic crap, definitely got Brian’s attention. He felt telling the rest of the world was the right thing to do. So he wrote these books.

These are the first two stories of a “Time Traveling Trilogy”

Time Travel Is Real? For Brian the ''Time Traveling Hippie Surfer’’, Time Travel is pure fact! It turns out that the exact center of “Time the Universe and all Things" is a Yellow Pole that sits about a mile or so behind his house in the coastal pine forest of North Carolina.

Our narrator, 'Brian' is living in the year 1974, until he stumbles upon the Yellow Pole, the Dome of Time and the Keeper of Time- ‘’Carl the First.’’ Carl takes him 65,000,000 years back in time to watch the prehistoric dinosaurs. That Time Trip changed Brian’s world forever; he begins his new life as a ''Time Traveler.''

Sandra is the only other time traveler in the universe. She is the perfect ''California Surfer Girl'', a tall tan blonde, who can't resist ''Zapping'' around in time with the ''Boys''.

The trio travel across time and space, to watch the Apollo 11 landing and Neil Armstrong take man's first step on the moon. They trip back to 1954 and ride in a hydrogen bomb explosion just for the rush of the ride. Why not trip 20 years into the future and catch the ''Rolling Stones'' live in Denver and hear songs that have not been written yet?

Sandra and Brian are long time surfers and surf fabled reef breaks in the Hawaiian Islands long before the arrival of the Polynesians. This fantastic odyssey is narrated by the Hippie Surfer Dude riding the Cosmic Waves of Time. Time Travel is real dude!

Brian, The Time Traveling Hippie Surfer has been living in the year 1974, until he stumbles across the Dome of Time and “Carl the First” the Keeper of Time. It is one thing to hear about wild fires burning down California, to be told about the Great Northern Garbage patch floating in the Pacific Ocean and the Dead Zone in the Gulf of Mexico.

Time Traveling up to the year 2017, being yanked 43 years into the future and set down within a few feet of these apocalyptic Items as they are happening is exactly what Brian is exposed to. Don’t get me wrong, Brian, Sandra, and Carl still bee bop around in Time just for fun.

They eat Nathans Hot Dogs in space, and wave at the people in the International Space station for grins. They surf at Top Sail beach North Carolina in the year 1414, and have lunch with the Cape Fear Indians. They buzz back to Hawaii in the year 808 to surf at Queens. Brian and Carl zap up to Mars and leave a Dr. Pepper bottle where the Mar Rover will find it on Halloween day. After all having fun and playing in Time is now their lives.

They wrote a book about their Travels in Time and what was witnessed firsthand up close and personal. A book exposing unbelievable gross disgusting human waste and stupidity. A book about Global warming and plastic pollution, just as they saw it.

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